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NEATLINGS Chore Chart System

$ 68.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: toddlers to teens

NEATLINGS–cultivate contributing, confident, can-do kids!

NEATLINGS has completely rethought the chore chart & created a modular, customizable system that will have your kids excited to do chores; it has everything you need to create the perfect chore chart for your family no matter your kids’ ages or abilities!

NEATLINGS Chore Chart System (base system for 1-3 kids):
•expandable to work for any size family
•flexible responsibility & reward system
•configurable in a multitude of ways
•can be set up differently for each child
•works for toddlers to teens

SELF-CARE CHORES FOR EVERY AGE – Includes 3 decks of 28 self-care chores with 21 coordinating reward tickets. These are tasks that each child needs to complete, such as make bed or homework.

HOUSEHOLD CHORES FOR EVERY AGE - Includes one shared Teal deck of 48 household chores. These are chores that only need to be done once, such as get mail or feed pet(s).

Ever wonder why kids don’t want to do chores? The answer may surprise you. Intuitively kids want to please their parents & they feel proud when their contributions are important & acknowledged. The struggle comes in because kids are also pre-programmed to pull away, it’s a biological mandate; this is nature’s way of preparing them to become adults whom are independent & separate from their parents. NEATLINGS bridges the gap between a child’s desire to please their parents while respecting the child’s need to have some control & show independence.

The system works by having a plan that both you & your child create together. It sets clear expectations of which tasks are responsibilities & which will allow your child to earn rewards.

Every family has different thoughts on if kids should be rewarded for chores. However, most families would agree that there are certain tasks that a child is responsible for such as basic self-care items & jobs that are simply their contribution as part of the family, but when a child goes above typical expectations most would agree that they have earned the right to be rewarded. NEATLINGS lays out a clear path so that both child & parents know what the expectations are & what rewards can be earned.

Here are just a few of the benefits when kids do chores:
•kids who do chores are more successful adults
•cleaner home = less stress
•parents have more time; this means more family time for all

Improve your family life today with NEATLINGS Chore Chart System!

*Multiple colors available

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