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Let's Start Coding Base Kit

$ 64.99
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: Free software accompanies kit.
Audience: late elementary through middle school

All the fun of coding and circuits. None of the headache. Let's Start Coding has combined easy-to-use electronics, online lessons and videos, and example code to bring your kids the best way to start learning real code. Parents, you don't have to be an expert to get them started; kids start with our pre-written code and 'tinker', experimenting with the code and trying out our challenges.

The Let's Start Coding resources have been designed by educators and coders to teach the core concepts in a way that engages kids, challenges their minds, and introduces them to core coding concepts while they have fun! Our team has spent hundreds of hours leading workshops, camps, and classes through the beginning of their coding journey, so the method is proven and based on feedback from real beginners.

Finally, an introduction to real, typed coding that doesn't require textbooks, in-person tutors, or searching for high-quality information online. If you really want your kids to get ahead with your coding skills, the Let's Start Coding kits are the all-in-one product you're looking for.

With Let's Start Coding, you can learn real computer programming the fun way: hands-on! Our kits include no-hassle electronic components that are simple to connect and allow you to create dozens of real-world games, gadgets, and displays.

This kit includes:
-Maker Board, a tiny, one-file computer chip
-5 LED lights, including, red, green, blue, and multicolor
-4 buttons
-Mini Speaker
-Instructional reference cards
-USB cable and carrying case
-Access to free software for Windows, Mac, or Chromebook with lessons and projects

Follow online lessons to build:
-LED Flashlight
-DJ Sound Samples
-"Simon Says" style memory game
and more!

While learning about:
and the underlying concepts of all coding languages.

The learning process is built by educators and coders who have researched and designed a pathway for kids to learn real coding 'from the ground up'. By utilizing example code written by professionals, Let's Start Coding lessons model the way that many self-taught coders learn coding, without the headache of creating those resources yourself!

Our goal is for kids to learn by tinkering and experimenting, discovering how concepts work by puzzling over them. As kids' curiosity grows around what they can create with these simple electronics, they'll drive their own learning process, using our lessons and projects as a guide.

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