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The Toothless Monster

$ 39.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Children

The Toothless Monster™ is a wild, new Tooth Fairy friend that magically gains a tooth with each Tooth Fairy visit! The boxed set includes an amazingly illustrated hardcover book, a blue or purple plush monster toy, and a set of special teeth that the Tooth Fairy (ahem!) will keep hidden until ready for use. While performing the usual tasks of collecting the baby tooth and leaving gifts, the Tooth Fairy will securely snap into place one of the provided plastic teeth. When your child wakes the next morning, they will be thrilled to find not only their Tooth Fairy money/presents, but also that their Monster really gained a new tooth! The storybook progressively follows along as a child loses teeth and their Monster gains them.

To be clear, these friendly Monsters don't replace the Tooth Fairy, but instead provide a fun, interactive conclusion to the usual cash-for-tooth swap. In fact, The Toothless Monster was accidentally created when a little girl asked her parents where teeth go when the Tooth Fairy takes them - a great and very common question! An off-the-cuff reply that she uses the teeth to help others led to the idea for a more magical, meaningful, Tooth Fairy experience. More rewarding than any tooth pillow, box, or holder, The Toothless Monster teaches children a subtle lesson about empathy, kindness, and giving, in a fun and unique way. Kids absolutely LOVE helping Monte and Meli earn their very own teeth! So wiggle those loose teeth out, and join the Tooth Fairy on an exciting adventure to help The Toothless Monster. After all, where DO teeth go when the Tooth Fairy takes them?

The plush Monster features a beanbag base to help it sit upright next to a child's bed, and a secret pouch located under the Monster's tongue to securely hold a baby tooth until the Tooth Fairy comes to collect it.

The storybook is illustrated by award-winning illustrator Andrey Gordeev. It includes tips for healthy dental habits and a monster-shaped chart to record each date that a child loses a tooth and gives it to their Monster.

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