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Turtle Tots Baby Swimming Programme

$ 200.00
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: For 10 weeks of 30 min classes
Audience: Babies, toddlers, parents

The Turtle Tots swimming program begins from birth, or as soon as the parent is ready to get in a pool, teaching babies water confidence and building first steps towards swimming unaided, and a lifelong love of water.

In 2017 the internationally recognized Swimming Teachers’ Association launched the Level 3 Diploma in Baby & Pre School Teaching. This qualification expands the knowledge of experienced swim teachers by expanding their knowledge by providing them with evidence from research done over the last two decades into child psychology and neuroscience, which has led to changing theories of how children learn.

As a result Turtle Tots re-wrote its baby swimming program in 2018, to be even more baby-led, with more focus on reading cues, and communication to ensure babies are active and willing participants in everything we do in the pool together. This isn’t difficult at all as babies are hard-wired to learn, and the way they learn best is by observation and imitation.

Each teacher is trained to understand how babies communicate in the pre-verbal period, early brain development, the importance of early attachment and how best to support babies’ learning in this critical early part of life.

The person they learn best from of course is their parents, which is why we focus on adults going under the water in lessons for their babies to watch. It is then only a matter of time until they begin to imitate you, and before long they are joyfully putting themselves in and under the water by choice!

Of course, underwater swimming is an important part of our program, but most what happens in our lessons takes place above the water. The program incorporates lots of songs and games to ensure your little one loves the time you spend together in the pool.

With the increased focus on reading and understanding baby communication, Turtle Tots teachers are now even more skilled at seeing when your baby is ready to progress. We understand every baby is unique, so naturally they will progress at different rates, but with sensitive and responsive teaching we ensure the pace is always right for them.

Our lessons will always have a strong focus on teaching lifesaving skills, we help babies to learn the skills they need to keep them safe in/around water, until they are able to swim independently.

The Turtle Tots program teaches you to teach your baby to swim, at a pace that is right for them, in a gentle progressive way.

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