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Spicy Dice

$ 14.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Children thru adults, families & friends

Spicy Dice is a new game from small game publisher Enginuity Games. Players roll the custom dice to score in 10 categories

The key to Spicy Dice is the custom dice themselves. Each die in a set of 6, which is included in each game, has a single face with red spots rather then white ones. For example. one die has the '1' face in red, one dice has the "2" face in red, and so on. Anytime you roll a red number you may "FLIP" (change) it to any other number you like, OR you may keep in red for bonuses such as double score for that turn.

In a huge coup for a small game publisher, Enginuity Games just announced that Amigo Spiele, Germany’s 3rd-largest game publisher, has licensed Enginuity’s new Spicy Dice game for publication throughout Europe starting in 2020.

As a small publisher, Enginuity knew they would have to compete on quality. "We just don't cut corners on quality," said Enginuity Games founder Andy Daniel. "For an extra dollar or two we can provided a much better product." The difference shows - the custom dice are all different, and made of beautiful pearlized acrylic with smoothly rounded edges and corners. The game includes a drawstring cloth pouch with a 4-color silkscreened logo, ideal for travel. The dice come in four cool colors.

To help players learn the game quickly, the scorepad has a unique fold-out “Cheat Sheet” that let’s players learn quickly, and there's a professional Learn-to-Play video on the website, plus a wealth of materials, all free.

Enginuity also offers "expansion packs" containing extra sets of Spicy Dice, with a choice of colors. Intended for extra players, they make the game move more quickly, and allow the addition of the "Extra Spicy rules." However, the company makes it clear than any number can play using just what's in the box.

Enginuity has also made sure that you'll never have to buy another scorepad - customers can download print-at-home scresheets for free from the website.

Enginuity also provides free download-and-print games on its website that can be used with the Spicy Dice, which opens up a universe of varied types of play at no extra cost once a customer has purchased the game.

Spicy Dice has an MSRP of $14.95 and (much) more information can be found on or by contacting Enginuity at (888) 618-4263 or at

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