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$ 199.99
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: In- app purchase cloud storage
Audience: Infants, preschool and toddlers

Bella is a smart baby monitor that is built with multiple artificial intelligence-powered features to support parents in safeguarding the health and safety of their little ones.
Bella sends immediate alerts to parents when it detects unsafe conditions and uncomfortable behavior. No matter when you’re at work, running errands at the mall or making food in the kitchen, you are always connected to your little one through the ebemate app (available on iOS and Android).

Our AI-powered and smart features include:

- Smart Fence (Safe Zone & Danger Zone), Cry Detection, Face Detection, Sound Detection, Movement Tracking, and Human Detection

Parents can draw Smart Fence to set either a Safe Zone or Danger Zone in the ebemate app. Bella lets parents know if the baby exits a safe zone or the monitor picks up movement towards a danger zone.

For Cry Detection, Bella alerts parents when the baby cries, then automatically switches on nightlight while at the same time plays pre-selected lullabies to comfort the baby. Nightlight can also be controlled by tapping the top of the monitor, or with smart-light control in ebemate app. Beside lullabies, parents can choose to play recordings of their voice to soothe the baby if they prefer.

Face Detection ensures your baby’s face is not covered during sleep. Sound Detection alerts parents if it detects any loud or sharp sound near the baby. Movement tracking follows your toddler as they move around the room and Human Detection allows parents to identify who is near the baby or enters the area where the baby is.

Other innovative features include:
- 1080p HD video stream, 8 IRLED 940nm Clear Night Vision
- Temperature & Humidity Detection
- Two-Way Audio, Auto Photo Capture
- Soothing Nightlight and Lullabies

Bella comes with 128-bit encryption keeps your data safe and secure. You can invite your family members and friends to access your camera so everyone you know can be on board of the parenting team. They can also watch recorded videos through ebemate's Cloud Service. You can buy a separate 128G SD card, and store photos and videos up to 30 days.

Bella is powered by built-in 3200 mAh batteries, it is the first smart baby monitor can be operated cordlessly up to 6-8 hours which makes it flexible for parents to move the monitor around. With the capability to automatically pan to 355° and tilt to 110°, Bella covers almost every angle so parents have a complete view of their baby and surrounding environment.

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