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Poio the reading game

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MCA Gold Award
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Audience: Market towards parents, the app is for children

What is Poio?
Created in Norway, Poio is a learn-to-read app for children aged 3-8 years-old which immerses its young players in a magical world of letters and words. The goal of the game is to help a troll, named Poio, learn how to read the storybook he has stolen from a group of letter bugs, called Readlings. These characters introduce letters, words and a story in a coherent fantasy world that unravels scene-by-scene.

How does it work?
Poio focuses on developing an ability to hear, identify and manipulate sounds (phonemes) in order to teach how they correlate with letters. The game is full of tasks of increasing complexity, which helps the child to practice letter shapes, letter sounds, spell words and improve their phonetic awareness.

Poio puts children in control of their learning
Poio’s goal is to make sure that children, regardless of their background and learning pace, have access to a solution that works for them, making them more engaged in school and learning in general. Poio puts the player in charge of their own learning journey. In a safe and secure environment, learning with Poio is based on play and encouragement, rather than pinpointing mistakes, with the game adjusting to each child’s reading level. The amount of challenges they face makes the experience dynamic, challenging and motivating.
Fuelling curiosity and boosting self-esteem
With few instructions, no negative feedback, and exploration as the core interface, Poio boosts children’s self-esteem. We wanted to win children’s attention and respect by creating a ‘true’ gaming experience, rather than simply digitising school books. As a result, children nag their parents to practice reading with Poio, rather than the other way round.
As of spring 2019, Poio has helped more than 100,000 Scandinavian children learn how to read. Something we are extremely proud of!

Mother of 4 year old Sam, Holly Miles, said "He loves it and keeps asking to play it. Then this morning i found him sounding out a word by himself and reading it correctly. He's due to start school in September so I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes"

Grand mother of 3 year old Tracy, Amanda Allcroft, said "She astounded her parents with being able to ‘read’ the story to them. She has developed a visual memory of letters and enjoys the padlocks where she needs to trace the shapes - at 3.5 that’s an excellent first step to literacy."

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