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Bird Kid

$ 3.99
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Carl Owens
Audience: Elementary School

Bird Kid is the story of a young boy’s struggle against school bullies.

PHILLIP “PILL” ANDERSON, 10 years old, has just moved to a new city, from Albuquerque, New Mexico and is reluctant to start his first day at a new school. Successfully surviving algebra and GIRLS, he isn’t halfway home when he bumps into 14 year olds, DAWG and CHAIN.

Quickly taunting him about his hometown name and lackluster math skills, they mercifully let him go. At home, he refuses to discuss his day with his loving single MOM.

The next day, Pill shows off his knowledge of birds to the class which nets him an admirer, ANNIE, his classmate. Again on his way home, he runs into Dawg and Chain. Pill escapes and hides in a local junkyard run by old man RITZ. Ritz promptly asks him to leave.

The bullies are waiting for him and Pill is forced to fight and is quickly overcome. Crying and with a cut on his ear, he heads home to the embrace of his mom.

The next day, Pill’s mom drives him to school and arranges to pick him up at the end of the day. Pill is not so eager to engage in class. He avoids discussing his bandaged ear with Annie, who at least manages to make him laugh.

At the end of the day, Pill waits for his mom to pick him UP, but she is not there. It begins to rain. Pill decides to walk home. Yet again, he sees the bullies. Again, he runs into the junkyard and decides to hide under the thunder and lightning.

Ritz discovers him and brings him inside his office. There, Pill dries off and is served hot chocolate. Ritz asks him why the boys are pursuing him. Pill doesn’t know. The rain stops. Noticing Pill’s ear, Ritz allows him to use the backdoor to the office which leads to a shortcut to Pill’s house. He tell Pill he may continue to use the shortcut if Pill will agree to run a few errands for him.

At home, Pill’s mom apologies and vows never to leave Pill waiting again. Pill explains that he has made peace with the bullies.

The next day, Pill rushes out of class when the bell rings and picks up some electronics at the hardware store. Back at Ritz’ office, he gives Ritz his change. He tell Ritz of his interest in birds and insects. To Pill’s amazement, a robot enters the office. Filled with questions, Pill is quickly kicked out by Ritz.

The bullies aren't far away, but soon, Pill will find he has a protector... who's not entirely human.

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