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Two Baby Bears and Co.'s Swaddle Sleeves™

$ 29.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Infants (2-9 months), Parents, Parents To Be

Meet Swaddle Sleeves: the gently weighted, arms-only swaddle transition solution that is designed to soothe baby's startles and reduce the risk of overheating since it can be worn with only a onesie, or an (arms-out) swaddle, sleep sack, or PJs that baby will graduate to for a seamless transition. It is also perfect as a swaddle alternative for babies who don’t like being traditionally swaddled but still have a strong Moro reflex. Swaddle Sleeves meet CPSIA safety standards and current market appeal, and are designed with a non-slip, chevron-patterned, nontoxic silicone backing to keep the product securely placed on your little one's arms all night long for safe and comfortable sleep.

Once your baby is rolling over or you feel that he is ready to leave the comfort of the swaddle, use the Swaddle Sleeves to dampen the startle reflex to help baby get used to a less contained environment. The light weight will act as a buffer against what remains of the startle reflex and will help your baby smoothly transition out of the swaddle and into the crib. This way, there’s no dramatic adjustment for your little one as their arms adapt to being completely free after being snuggled inside the swaddle for so long.

It’s no secret that most babies sleep better while swaddled. But we know that not all babies like being traditionally swaddled. Enter the Swaddle Sleeves: We created a swaddle product that was snug, versatile, and would allow baby to have some movement but still help with the startle reflex and keep baby feeling cozy and secure, just the way they like it! Use Swaddle Sleeves as a swaddle alternative if your baby doesn’t like being cocooned in a traditional swaddle but still startles herself awake and needs that additional reassurance and comfort to sleep safer and better.

The gentle weight in our Hug Cushioning Factor™ (less than 10% of baby’s bodyweight as per physiotherapy standards) helps to soothe the baby’s Moro/startle reflex and safely provides that snug, cozy resistance that babies desire while still leaving their arms and body free for developmentally appropriate movement.

Our patent-pending swaddle transition product gives baby the feeling of being cuddled and a sense of warmth and safety, only second best to being snuggled up in their parents’ arms. Swaddle Sleeves are designed to reduce constant wake-ups and help babies transition safely to arms-out sleep with minimal sleep disturbances to ensure maximum sleep comfort.

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