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Sigma, Pi and the planets

$ 15.00
MCA Silver Award
Audience: preschool, elementary school, families

– What on Neptune’s moons!? yells Pi. That’s not Mercury! Pi quickly turns the telescope in another direction.
– And that’s not Jupiter! Something has happened to our galaxy, Sigma!
Sigma and his friend Pi discover that something is not right in our solar system; the planets are scattered all around!
What has happened? The planets must go back to their own orbits around the sun; or it will be chaos!
Sigma and Pi get in their spaceships and head off to an adventure in space with one mission only: to save the galaxy!

Sigma, Pi and the planets is a marvellous space adventure. You get to join Sigma and Pi on their mission to save our galaxy; Crosmos the space croc has made a mess in our solar system and all the planets are scattered around. The two friends take on the very important task to get the planets back in their own orbits. On their adventure, they visit each planet and you get to learn from each page.
It's a fun and exciting book where facts are implemented in the adventure. Space creatures, wormholes, the curly heat of Venus, a space restaurant and a very,very gassy Saturn are just a few treats for our heroes.

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