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Positive Me!

$ 23.95
MCA Silver Award
Author(s): Madelyn Hornstein
Audience: Elementary school

Would you like to give the ultimate gift to a child? Can you think of a child that is incapable of speaking kindly to themselves? Positive Me! helps establish positive self-talk through repeating simple and effective sentences on colorful, inclusive and engaging illustrated pages.

Positive Me! can immediately redirect kids' negative thinking by completing for them, in positive terms, sentences that begin with "I am." When combined with positive, self-affirming words, "I am" can be two of the most powerful words in a child's vocabulary, words that can have a major developmental impact on a child's life. Positive Me! is original, simple, and effective.

Establishes a core belief of self-worth and can be a preventative measure as kids grow in our fast paced and sometimes unforgiving world.

"I am" sentences are powerful tools to speak into existence what a person desires. Positive Me! is timeless and the subject matter speaks to all ages groups.

This gift can be proudly handed down through generations to inspire continual success for generations to come.

Kids are overwhelmed by daily news, images and social media once they have full access to the internet. Positive Me! helps prepare developing minds by laying a solid foundation of self-acceptance, integrity and identity through positive self-talk.

This book allows parents, family members, friends and educators to become cognizant of the type of verbal environment they are creating for their children. It reminds us to become mindful of our language.
Research shows that positive language, both verbal and body, have a beneficial effect not only on how you feel, but on how others see you and respond to you.

Positive Me! gives children tools to speak kindly to themselves in moments of challenge or emotional demands.

Words can be automatic and unconscious and we often speak without intent.

Many children have a lack of guidance and reassurance from their environment which leads to poor choice in friends, decisions and erratic behavior. Offering this book to a loved one as a supportive guide to their life, could have a profound effect on their response to life.

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