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Magical Order of Brave Knights

$ 42.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: pre-schoolers, toddlers and young children

The Magical Order of Brave Knights was designed to help children overcome their fears. It has also been tremendously helpful with special needs children. If anxiety is left unchecked it can grow and begin to interrupt other facets of children’s lives. This is a fun and creative way for children to overcome their fears, bond with a new forever friend and become empowered and confident. Many children begin to experience nightmares around three years old. This is common due to their inability to differentiate between reality and fantasy. These nightmares can lead to separation anxiety which can grow into a much bigger issue. Our product which is created and designed by a mother with a master’s degree in psychology helps children address their fears and conquer them. These skills lead to more self confidence and independence.

The Brave Knight Kit consists of three products: A hardcover professionally illustrated storybook titled The Magical Order of Brave Knights, it tells the tales of the Brave Knights and explains how they can help children with their fears. Sir William the Brave Knight, is the main character in the storybook, is a plush bear dressed as a medieval knight (12 inches tall). Lastly, and the most magical part of the kit is an eight-image projecting flashlight. Children use it to chase away anything that may scare them like monsters hiding under their beds or in their closets. The flashlight is a truly empowering tool for children as it puts them in control of their fears! Children love to take Sir William on adventures during the day. He is great to take with them to their Grandparents house, the doctor, dentist or to the park to meet new friends. The Magical Order of Brave Knights improves the quality of life for entire family.

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