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Handy Burp'ems

$ 12.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: parents/caregivers of newborns, hospital nurseries

Handy Burp'ems® is the Ultimate Mom-Invented Burp Cloth. Burp cloths are a dime a dozen, but Handy Burp'ems solves problems that a typical burp cloth doesn't. Handy Burp’ems is the world’s most convenient burp cloth that you don’t have to grip, grab or hold onto. It slides over your hand allowing you to safely hold your baby while burping and feeding! It protects your baby, your hand and everyone's clothing from wearing spit-up. It has a pouch at the bottom that catches the mess instead of you and your baby having to be covered in it.
Handy Burpems is perfect for all new parents, caregivers, hospitals and nurseries everywhere! Whether you are dealing with occasional spit up or acid reflux, Handy Burp'ems will keep you and your baby dry.
Handy Burp'ems® does not get in the way while feeding your baby. While it's on your hand, the hand covering will catch any dribbles that may leak from bottle or breast-feedings. Then, when it's time to burp, simply sit your baby up while still wearing your Handy Burp'ems® and continue to burp. If over the shoulder burping, simply place over the shoulder to catch any spit-up that runs down. Handy Burp'ems® never goes missing when you know your baby will burp and possibly spit up any second from now. It's always right where you need it. Fewer hand washings, less clothing changes, AND less laundry!!

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