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$ 8.90
MCA Silver Award
Audience: Children age 8-12

is a classic tale about two little friends
and their encounter with a young boy from another planet, a boy in search of friends...
This very funny, gentle story, it’s a book for children, but hopefully also will be appreciated and enjoyed by an older audience. The language and themes are simple, so the young, as well as older readers can relate to it. LOVE and DEDICATION to ANIMALS & ALL LIFE.
Fun and Gentle life’s philosophy of most memorable, vivid moments of childhood.
The most amazing friendship tales are light and funny, but still tap into regular childhood experiences like compromise, imaginings, friendship, emotional pain.
(We Know That Some People experience childhoods that are far more traumatic and much more challenging than others, but if we actually recognise, that no one has a “normal” childhood, and that everyone’s childhood is unique, we better our chances to understand each individual and to be more tolerant of differences. Understanding and valuing each person’s individual experience has more to offer than the false promise of an imagined normality).

To them, the very top of the Mud Hill represented the summit of the tallest mountain ever and when reached at last through their huffs and puffs, mudded knees and squeals of shear excitement, they truly believed they had conquered Everest!
So, they would sit, not so high up in truth, but high enough to gaze above the treetops and in this place where dreams are made, they told one another their most sacred of thoughts, hopes and sometimes, their darkest of fears!
With legs dangling over the edge of the hill, swaying from side to side and arm in arm, they truly believed that this place was half way between two worlds: the world in which they lived, and a world where a single star could simply be plucked out of the sky and placed in their hearts, if they so wished!
For here the most magnificent things were shared with one another, the most extraordinary stories were entrusted because that’s what best friends do, right?
To dream, to wonder and wish, to love and to trust each other so much, that anything and nothing is ever too sacred to share! In this place they sat, just at the very tip of the world’s edge, all things are possible and everything was reachable, but most importantly, all dreams really can come true, if you believe in Magic!
With a bond of friendship like no other and a kingdom that sets no rules.

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