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When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended

$ 19.99
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Peter Cotton
Audience: preschool though 3rd grade

The boy took his new pet snake, Fred, for a walk in town. Fred was excited when he saw a stripey barbers pole across the road, thinking it was another snake. He rushed across the road without looking, into the path of an ambulance. "With a horrible SCREECH, it wasn't his fault, the driver did his best to halt, but, like most snakes, Fred had no brakes". Fred was squished in two and became Fred-Fred. They took him to the hospital where the doctor said that he needed a special thread to mend Fred. Jungle Jim volunteered to fetch that thread, that only grows underneath rhinos. He bravely found it, and sent it jungle post. "The doctor then, immediately, or rather when he'd had his tea, prepared the thread and started sewing, Fred's coming to his going." Fred mended well and went home for tea.
"Then Fred washed, put on his jamas, just the leg part, not the armas, and curled up, having said his prayers, in his box beneath the stairs. As he fell asleep I heard Fred say, it's been a very trying day. Tomorrow, when I cross the road, I won't forget my crossing code. And nor will you, that's my advice, lest you spell your name like Fred-Fred twice."

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