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Banjo Robinson

$ 6.19
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: This is our 3 month sub price
Audience: Children between the ages of 5 and 8.

Introducing Banjo Robinson: Global Explorer, Pen Pal, CAT!

Banjo Robinson is a children’s subscription service. Banjo sends personalised letters and creative activities, twice a month, from exciting destinations across the globe. He turns reading, writing and learning about the world into a magical game for 5-8 year olds!

In a nod to the tooth fairy, children write back to Banjo and leave their replies under the sofa for overnight collection by his animal friends. Parents can keep these letters as mementos of their child’s first writing.

Our website allows parents to add a ‘PS’ message to the end of the next letter their child receives, so that Banjo can answer their questions, send love and encouragement, and make them feel special. This creates a unique reciprocal correspondence between child and ‘cat’ throughout the year!

Children receive letters from Banjo twice a month. Each delivery includes a personalised letter from Banjo, reply stationery, a colouring-in activity, stickers, country facts, and a recipe from each country. Children also receive a big, beautiful map of the world with their first letter - they can add country stickers to this as they follow along with Banjo’s world tour!

Value Proposition:
Personalised children’s literature, delivered to your door.
Books encourage children to read, but letters contain an invitation to write a reply!
Developed by teachers, written by children’s authors, and curriculum-aligned. Banjo’s missives are written by well known children’s authors like Anna Kemp (‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’ etc).
Helps children fall in love with reading and writing, without it feeling like homework.
Short format, little and often - a great way to engage early and/or reluctant readers and writers.
Learn about geography, history, culture, art and languages from around the world.
Sparks joy! Children often describe Banjo as their ‘new best friend.’
An easy way to enjoy quality time with your child, away from screens (non screen-based learning).
We’re reciprocal. Our platform allows parents to add their own message from Banjo to the end of the next letter.
We’re all about magic and make-believe, but unlike Father Christmas and Elf of the Shelf, we’re not seasonal. Banjo writes to children all year long!
We’re a subscription box, packaged as a fun-filled letter. Because we’re cheaper to produce, we’re aiming to be more accessible than traditional subscription boxes - we want to reach families far and wide at an affordable price.

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