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The DownUnder Trainer

$ 49.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Women pre- and post-pregnancy

Moms matter yet no one likes to talk about what is going on DownUnder There pre- and post-pregnancy. It’s true that pregnancy and childbirth can bring about some major physical changes. The focus is often on external ones (ahem, a growing or stretched out belly). But one of the biggest pregnancy and childbirth changes impacts an area that’s impossible to see from the outside: the pelvic floor.
You can’t even see it, yet arguably it is the most important muscle all women forget to exercise. People don’t talk about it even in pregnancy and childbirth conversations.
Did you know?
Pelvic floor problems, including leaking and incontinence, are surprisingly common affecting up to 80% of expectant and new moms. Tissues, muscles and nerves are frequently damaged (even with C-sections).
Pelvic training and strengthening has seen shown to improve stress incontinence in 97% of cases and cure it in 73% of cases (Harvard).
This is why the DownUnder Trainer was invented by a mom for moms.
Benefits Of Training
• Quickest way back to strength (even stronger) and a faster post-pregnancy recovery
• Helps moms bounce back more rapidly
• Prevents leaking pre- and post-pregnancy
• Strengthens a mom’s baby tunnel when they have to push hard during delivery
• Eases a mom’s first time back having sex after baby
• Replaces doing kegels, which 95% of the time don’t work. (Studies show that at least 95 percent of women perform kegel exercises incorrectly, even if they've been instructed on how to do them.)
• Facilitates an increased sex drive after childbirth
• Builds pelvic floor muscles which means increased sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms

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