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Relaxing & Energizing Shower Steamers Megapack of 18-tablets

$ 31.99
MCA Gold Award
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Audience: adults

For most moms, day-to-day life is filled with stress-inducing elements and lack of me-time. Everything from the responsibilities to the environment leads to strain that weighs on your body and mind. Preventive measures like exercise, meditation, reading are all great way to counter this stress but there is not just time for it.
That is why Cleverfy Beauty has introduced amazing self care essential, aromatherapy shower steamers, to help reduce your anxiety and kick-off the day. No mom have time to take relaxing bath sessions too often hence we are introducing an alternative to turn everyday showers into something special. You can think of these as bath bombs, but for your shower. All you have to do is place one of the disks on the floor while showering and let the essential oils work their magic. Not only do these turn a boring old shower into something more exciting, they provide health benefits as well. The most notable example of these benefits is stress reduction and mood enhancement. Your body and mind will feel refreshed after taking a shower with this self care essential steamer.
Relaxing & Energizing Megapack of 18 tablets is a perfect balance for both evening and morning showers. It has variation of mood enhancing citrus tablets and relaxing lavender scented tablets:
- Ginger & Orange x 3 - soothes body, mind & mood, helps improve circulation, energizes your senses, stimulates the strength and resilience of the immune system
- Grapefruit x 3 - helps increase energy levels and metabolism, stimulates the immune system, fights throat and respiratory infections, and fatigue
- Cocoa & Orange x 3 - useful against depression, tiredness, and stress and relieves pain
- Lavender x 9 - calms the nervous system, lifts mood, promotes relaxation, treats anxiety and insomnia

Because Shower is The New Bath!
Easy. Immediate. Effortless.

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