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Off-Centre Vacuum Bottle

$ 36.78
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: In-app purchases
Audience: Infants, toddlers and preschoolers

Babycare is a mother and baby brand founded by designers, adhering to the brand concept of "redesigning for love". The core products cover the childcare period from pregnancy to the age of 6, providing a one-stop solution for the new generation of families, redefining the maternal and infant lifestyle for Generation Z. It has served over 45 million users in over 30 countries til now.
The product participating in this award is a thermal cup designed specifically for newborns and small month-old babies, with a target audience of 7M+ babies. Designed to meet their various needs for drinking milk and water, both outdoors and at home.
The advantages of Babycare's Off-Centre Vacuum Bottle are as follows:
1. The internal titanium and external steel materials provide both insulation and preservation.
2. Based on intensive study of over 5000 babies’ suckling behavior, Babycare found out that 13°tilted nipple is better than regular vertical nipple, as titled one simulates the angle of breastfeeding, and fits into babyies' oral upper jaw grooves
3. Patented seagull valve, easy to suction, anti choking and anti spraying, inverted without water leakage.
4. Imported liquid silicone, resistant to yellowing and stretching, BPA free, and odorless when drinking water.
5. The inner scale line of the cup body meets the needs of drinking water and brewing milk.
6. Ceramic gravity ball, can be drunk in any position at 360 degrees.
7. Wide shoulder strap design, easy to carry and convenient for travel.
8. Silicone handle for comfortable grip.
Analysis of highlights of the Off-Centre Vacuum Bottle :
In bottle body, we adopt a patented design of internal titanium and external steel, combined with tailless vacuum technology, to achieve efficient insulation and cooling effects, maintain the appropriate temperature of water or milk, and drink drinks at the appropriate temperature anytime and anywhere.
Our product has a unique design of a breast milk faucet and a seagull valve anti spray and anti choking function, as well as a 13 ° tilted nipple, suitable for the growth of 7M+ babies. It corrects posture and provides scientific feeding. In addition, we have adopted patented designs for internal titanium and external steel, as well as tailless vacuum technology, to provide better insulation and safety.

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