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$ 19.99
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: Price quote is for the paperback
Audience: parents and caregivers of all ages

There is so much confusing information about feeding families out there. Nurture: How to Raise Kids Who Love Food, Their Bodies, and Themselves is an expanded follow-up to Nourish, Heidi Schauster’s first award-winning book. Nurture is a compassionate guide for parents and caregivers about feeding, eating, and discussing bodies with children and teens. Heidi writes from her nearly 30 years of experience treating clients with disordered eating, her own lived experience as a recovered person, and as a parent of two young adults. She weaves stories from her clients' and families' experiences with sound advice based on current research. The book reads like a conversation with a kind fellow parent who has happened to do decades of fieldwork on the topic. It’s a sane and sound read that everyone who spends time with kids will benefit from reading.

This book is a life-enhancing tool for:

• Parents and caregivers who have had their own food and body issues and don’t want to pass them on to the next generation
• Parents and caregivers with kids exhibiting body image concerns
• Parents and caregivers with kids exhibiting disordered eating who want direction
• Parents and caregivers with kids in larger bodies who feel unclear as to how to help them in the fat-phobic culture we live in
• Parents and caregivers with picky eaters who don’t want to create dynamics around food that might lead to eating and body issues later in life
• People who spend time with children and teens and want to create an inclusive, health-and-well-being-enhancing culture

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