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Tilted Breastfeeding Simulation Feeding Bottle (PPSU material)

$ 26.00
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: In-app Purchase
Audience: Infants

Our Babycare Anti-colic Tilted Feeding Bottle in PPSU material embodies our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution for infant feeding, addressing both colic prevention and feeding comfort.
Dual Anti-colic Mechanism:
1.1 Ultra Filtration Design: Our bottle features an innovative Ultra Filtration core, comprising 77 precisely engineered anti-colic apertures. This design allows for the filtration of milk bubbles directly within the bottle, ensuring a bubble-free feeding experience for your baby.
1.2 13° Tilted Design: The bottle incorporates a unique 13° tilted nipple, perfectly fitting the baby's oral upper jaw grooves. This ergonomic design reduces the intake of air during feeding, further minimizing the risk of colic.
Breastfeeding Simulation:
In collaboration with Germany's Wacker, we have developed a nipple material formula that replicates the softness and resilience of a mother's nipple. By simulating the taste and feel of breastfeeding, our nipples encourage natural sucking behavior, providing a comforting feeding experience.
Tailored Feeding Solutions:
To cater to the diverse needs of infants at different stages of development, our bottle is available in PPSU material, known for its lightweight and durable characteristics, ideal for older babies' independent feeding. Also, the bottle is easy to grip and pour, facilitating quick milk preparation. It can be fully disassembled for easy cleaning with just a rinse. Additionally, the bottle is capable of withstanding high temperatures or UV sterilization. When not in use, it comes with a sealing cap that instantly transforms it into a storage container. Additionally, we offer a variety of nipple types: SS and S nipples (0-3 months): Featuring tiny round holes for controlled milk flow, minimizing the risk of choking. M and L nipples (3-6 months & 6-12 months): Incorporating innovative Y-shaped pressure-sensitive lactation control, these nipples adjust milk flow according to the baby's suction pressure, preventing leakage and ensuring stability. Tilted straw nipples (12 months+): Facilitating a seamless transition to straw feeding, these nipples feature a unique tilted design to prevent neck strain and choking while promoting efficient milk consumption. The included straw with a cone-shaped gravity ball ensures minimal wastage by adhering to the bottle's inner walls.

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