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Young Person's Guide to Wisdom, Power, and Life Success

$ 29.95
MCA Silver Award
Author(s): Brian Gahran
Audience: Caring parents, educators, counselors and teachers


Young adults age 16-30 acknowledge the importance of choosing wisely. Facing the complexities of modern life, they are looking for specific guidance from someone who knows them, their situation, and has traveled that way himself.


“YOUNG PERSON'S GUIDE” looks at the long-run implications of 5 controllable decisions most all young persons will make: where they live, what lifestyle they choose, who they marry, how many children they have, and their level of education. Got a handle on things? Think again.

Young persons fall prey to a myriad of mental obstacles, or "lifebombs," that can short-circuit their intentions. What they don't know (but should), what they know (that just ain't so), and what they should care about (but don't) can lead to poor choices, unintended consequences, and later regret.


How young persons think influences their beliefs, judgment, and ultimately their happiness in life. Here are practical prescriptions—not popular pabulum—to help them make smarter life-choices and succeed. They'll discover how to:

• Understand reality and discern what really matters
• Question their beliefs and know their limitations
• Think critically and exercise prudent judgment
• Make common sense a habit
• Learn from the mistakes of others
• Take 100% responsibility for what happens in life

Parents, this “no BS” guide contains powerful life-lessons you should have taught your kids but didn’t. It's no fun being old. It's less fun being poor. It's hell being old and poor.

Young persons, do you want more confidence, greater freedom, and better control over your life? Who cuts your slice of the pie? YOU DO! What are you waiting for?

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