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TendHer Pillows + Pillowcases

$ 24.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Moms-to-be, new moms, and those who love them!

Breastfeeding is beautiful, natural...and can take some getting used to. Give your tender breasts a break with Pariday TendHerPillows!

Our unique system combines soothing soft-touch pillows with our washable, re-usable pillowcases. The pillows are filled with cool-on-contact gel made with vegetarian food ingredients, and pillowcases wick away moisture while preventing minor leaks. Pillows may placed in fridge/freezer or hot water for desired temperature.

Product Features:
* Pillows are made of soft-touch, medical-grade film for maximum soothing.
* Gel-filled pillows soothe breasts & nipples on contact at room temperature.
* Pillows may be cooled (fridge/freezer) or warmed (hot H2O), and worn with or without sleeves.
* Washable, re-usable sleeves wick away moisture & prevent minor leaks.
* Perfectly sized for both coverage and tuck-in-bra discretion.
* Gel is made with all-natural, vegetarian ingredients - safe for you & baby.
* Re-usable for 4 weeks or more!

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