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$ 15.99
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Clark Rich Burbidge
Pricing Notes: Coming Soon
Audience: Middle Readers and Teens

The story opens in late January 1879, Zululand, South Africa. A young couple seem out of place and time as they struggle for their lives down 'Fugitives Drift' to escape the surrounding danger of the battle of Isandlwana and their shadowy pursuers. It then jumps to present day California where we meet the Carson family. Jim, his wife, Natalie, and teenage children Tim and Martie have enjoyed being 'the closest family ever’ until recently. They have all become casualties of war. His battle with traumatic injury and resulting PTSD has unhinged their lives and triggered Natalie's slowly spiraling depression. Tim and Martie feel helpless and adrift as they struggle to find stable ground. Hope and grief surface as the family attempts to prepare for the Christmas season. A delightful tree decorating tradition, that has always brought them together, ends in another pointless argument. Tim and Martie are desperate for answers. They discover an ancient relic that had come to the family under mysterious circumstances four years previous may be their only hope. The relic seems to be aware of their family's plight and has the power to transport those who possess it, and strictly follow its directions, to various points in history. Tim and Martie must face their own fears and piece together the puzzle presented by the relic to salvage their family. Each 'StarPassage' is fraught with the natural danger of being thrust into a historical moment completely unprepared. They must quickly learn how to survive in each historic setting while pursuing their quest to learn the relic's purpose. Their experiences in revolutionary era America, an impossibly desperate pioneer expedition in the old west and a doomed ocean liner during World War I push the family to the brink of destruction. Through each passage they also become aware of dark forces that seek to possess the power of the relic for their own purposes. These relentless, malevolent 'Trackers' will stop at nothing to achieve their goal to escape their everlasting prison and gain control of the world. Each passage becomes a desperate race, whose timing is unpredictably subject to the whim of the relic, to discover its purpose before being captured and enslaved forever in history.

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