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Dr. Loo's Infant/Child and Adult Harmony Patches

$ 17.95
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: $17.95/6 Child; $14.95/18Adult
Audience: Infants up to Age 6 years; Adults

Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches are transdermal Patches that integrate Western technology with Chinese Medicine. They are made in USA with proprietary-formulated USDA organic ingredients--mainly ginger, chamomile, and fennel. They provide hours of symptomatic relief of common, universal symptoms.
The adhesive on the Infant/Child Patches are water-based, without silicon, latex, rubber, or acrylic. They are very gentle, safe even for infant skin. The adhesive on the Adult Patches contain minimal amount of acrylic.
The Harmony Patches provide continuous, gradual relief for cough, cold, stomach discomforts, allergies, pain, and other common symptoms by stimulating time-honored, easily located, effective acupressure points.
They are not for diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions.
They are credible, reliable and trustworthy, invented by a well-known physician and Chinese medicine expert – a clinician, author, researcher, educator – after diligent research and development to ensure safety and efficacy.
The numerous advantages of the Harmony Patches include:
(1) Non-oral symptomatic relief for infants, children, and adults who cannot tolerate oral remedies
(2) Safe cough and cold remedy for infants and young children who easily react to medications and remedies with untoward effects, engendering the FDA to remove over-the-counter cold medications for infants and young children up to age 3 years, and American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP, extending the recommendation to age 6 years
(3) Easy transportability without refrigeration, messy measurements
(4) Affordability: Harmony Patches are reasonably priced
(5) Easy application: the acupressure points are easily located
Whenever a baby or young child is ill, the parents and caregivers are stressed, feel helpless. Harmony in the home is disrupted. This is especially true in a fussy, colicky baby who cries for hours, days, weeks. Testimonials from parents of colicky babies indicate how Harmony Patches easily and quickly restore Health in the baby and Harmony in the family.
Adults and the Elderly on numerous medications find relief for troublesome abdominal discomfort by placing the Harmony Patch just on the belly-button, enabling them to socialize or enjoy a meal.
It is Dr. Loo’s hope that the Harmony Patches can restore Health and Harmony in everyone, from infants to age 99.

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