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Love To Dream Swaddle UP 50/50

$ 39.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Infants and toddlers

The Love To Dream swaddle UP 50/50, Stage 2 in the Love To Dream Sleep System, is the perfect product for transitioning your baby from swaddling to "arms free" sleep. It works perfect when baby is about to start to roll over from his back over on his tummy. Parents using the Swaddle UP Original, a Mom's Choice Awards Gold winner 2016, enjoy being able to move the baby (around approx 4 to 6 months of age often) into the transitional 50/50. This product is also perfect for parents having used any kind of swaddles for their new babies. The 50/50 lets you zip one "wing" (little sleeve) at a time to allow your baby to slowly and gently graduate from swaddling. It converts to a snug sleep bag, maintaining the secure feeling of being swaddled, but having arms free. The recommendation is to take one wing off first (when baby sleeps or is ready to go down for a nap or at bedtime). Wait a few days, maybe a week and you take the other "wing" off and baby has now been transitioned. As many babies get their sleep disturbed when they are all of a sudden taken out of the swaddle after several months, they often develop problems to sleep. With the Swaddle UP 50/50 you will have a more gentle transition and baby will sleep better, and so will the parents.

The Swaddle UP 50/50 has the same good design as the earlier winner, the Original:
It is easy and fast to use. No classes are needed to learn wrapping techniques: no practice is required to master them. Simply put the baby inside the 50/50 and zip it up. The patented wings of the product allow your baby to use their hands to self-soothe, till it's time to take the wings off, and baby can self soothe by putting their little hand in their mouth and suck on their fingers, or just touch his face. Self soothing always means more sleep.
Anyone who can operate a zipper can correctly put a 50/50 on their baby. Every time, even the first time. Nothing will come loose or undone during the night, eliminating the risk of your baby "breaking out" of the swaddle.
The 50/50 has a 2-way zipper that lets you open from the bottom, giving you waist down access without undoing the top. Easy diaper changes after nighttime feedings without fully waking your baby means you can both get back to sleep more quickly.

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