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My Goodness: My Kids, Cultivating Decency In A Dangerous World

$ 16.00
MCA Silver Award
Author(s): Nesta A. Aharoni
Audience: parents

Raising good kids can save the world. Good kids can help make the world a kinder, safer place. Kids who are raised to be good--above and beyond any other characteristic--mature into adults who display honor and integrity in their daily lives. Children who value goodness don't cheat on a test to get into the college of their choice. They don't steal candy from the grocery store or grow into adults who steal office supplies from the workplace. They treat others with respect and kindness, and they don't hurt innocent people through violence, manipulation, or cruelty. If every parent focused first and foremost on goodness, society could minimize many of today's biggest problems: violence, cruelty, dishonesty, thievery, narcissism, exploitation, mistrust, substance abuse, arrogance, and more. My Goodness: My Kids offers its readers thought-provoking theories and techniques that contribute to raising Good Kids. Here are some examples of what readers will learn. No curfew for teenagers can build trust and respect--and get your kids home earlier than expected. Not paying for grades can teach children to love learning--for the pure joy of it. Early education about sex and drugs can reduce experimentation during teenage years. Asking children to design their punishment can increase harmony in the home and teach consequences to actions. Encouraging children to argue can develop their confidence and self-worth. Certain troubling lyrics can help a distressed child release rightly held anger. Certain R-rated movies can teach children to think through issues and develop strength of character. Telling your child "I'm sorry" can heal a family hurt and promote unity. Encouraging children to argue can develop their confidence and self worth. No assigned chores can inspire children to cheerfully pitch in.

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