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$ 39.99
MCA Silver Award
Audience: infants to school age

Totsbiotics™ is our trademarked exclusive arcanum proprietary blend of living, healthy, unique broad-spectrum probiotic’s. Unlike any dangerous toxic chemical cleaners Totsbiotics™ is proven more effective and is 100% non-toxic and safe, continuing to work on surfaces long after it is applied controlling and guarding you from sources of contamination, odor, dangerous pathogens, as well as unhealthy surface and air-born bacteria. Totsbiotics™ creates a layer of beneficial broad-spectrum probiotic’s continuing to work for up to “3” days. Totsbiotics™ controls surface biofilm, clearing the breeding ground for infection that is driven by unhealthy bacteria. Totsbiotics™ broad-spectrum probiotics are Hospital and University tested and approved for Certified Organic use. Totsbiotics™ cleans and protects effectively and is baby safe, child safe, food safe and life safe. Totsbiotics™ is completely safe to use for airline travel and in any public place to safeguard you from surrounding unhealthy bacteria you may come in contact with. Totsbiotics™ is proven 92% more effective in controlling pathogens and dangerous bacteria to include MRSA, Ecoli, Salmonella, Streptococcus and C.Diff. Toxic chemical cleaners could never be safely applied to skin or sprayed in public places. Totsbiotics™ is always 100% ingestible, completely gentle, soothing and safe on skin rashes, cuts, scrapes on furniture, toys, changing tables, counters, diaper pails, in the air, etc. Breathe easier because you are “PROTECTING WHAT YOU LOVE MOST”!

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