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$ 179.00
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Children and adults at the ages of 7-84 y/o

CalmiGo is your smart calming companion. CalmiGo’s patented technology provides immediate, drug-free relief for moments of distress or anxiousness.

CalmiGo Uses 3 Proven Calming Techniques:
1. Breathing Regulation Personalized to Your Own Needs- Lights and vibration cues guide your breathing to achieve immediate calmness.
2. Multi-Sensory Stimulation - Gently stimulates multiple senses to attain a focused and calm state.
3. Calming Scents - Includes long-lasting scented elements for even quicker and deeper relaxation.

Studies show a significant decrease in anxiety levels after just two weeks of using CalmiGo.
CalmiGo is totally drug-free and safe, it personalized to your breathing pattern, and is recommended by health professionals. 3-minutes of use that you can do anywhere, anytime, is all it takes for it to calm you down and send you back to your day!

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