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CicaLux - Energized Scar Care

$ 79.00
MCA Gold Award
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Audience: adult moms

Thank very much for your interest in award-winning CicaLux® – Energized Scar-Care developed in Europe and now available in the USA!

CicaLux helps new moms care for their c-section scars easily, get the best possible scar outcome, and feel great! C-section is a major surgery. The scarring process takes months, and poor healing can cause pain, itchiness, pulling, swelling, and result in an unpleasant red and raised scar for many unhappy moms.

What is innovative about CicaLux?

We are the first to synergistically combine three technologies for improving the healing process into one innovative, wearable, comfortable product! CicaLux not only helps moms for c-sections, but it also helps with other surgeries like hysterectomies, tummy tucks, and breast reconstruction after cancer. It works on both new and old scars. CicaLux was developed in Europe and has won new mom product innovation awards in both France and the UK.

Why is CicaLux different?

We know silicone sheet therapy is a gold standard for improving scar outcomes, but plain silicone sheets have many issues, limitations, and frustrations for moms. Moms often complain they are “too sticky”, “difficult to wash and handle”, “pulls the scar tissue too strongly”, “falls apart easily”, “rolls up and doesn’t stick well” etc… CicaLux solves all of these problems. It is non-sticky, easy to wash and handle, does not pull on the underlying scar, and does not fall apart – it is robust and last over 60 days, and it does not roll up. CicaLux is a 60-day therapy kit - it lasts longer than any silicone sheet on the market while still being soft to the skin but robust in handling and use.

Why is CicaLux better?

CicaLux not only offers superior compression + hydration therapy compared to basic silicone sheets, it also adds two complementary technologies – a special 2-way tension-relief tape, and a hand-crafted, natural stone (for providing soothing heat therapy and scar massage). CicaLux follows what doctors recommend in that a multi-therapy approach is best when it comes to wound and scar care.

Please be sure to check out for videos and a comparative chart of CicaLux versus basic silicone scar sheets!

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