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Double Hook Nursing Bra

$ 35.00
MCA Gold Award
Audience: nursing mothers

It’s a really new big deal for clever breastfeeding moms, taking all assumptions out of breastfeeding – no more having baby wait while you fumble around! With the launch of the Innovative Nursing Bra by Kaye Larcky, geniusly crafted to include a reminder clip, how can any other nursing bra ever compare? Get ready to ‘OOOH!’ this paragon of comfort, ultra-supportive nursing bra as it pairs with a most logical, cool, mom-invented reminder clip. It’s professionally designed to help mom remember which breast fed last, is currently full, or gets to feed baby next. Call it a breastfeeding tracker of sorts, its easy and unobtrusive, a non-slip clip that becomes mom’s breastfeeding must-have. Use simply; after feeding on one breast, simply attach clip on the 'A' position indicating 'After'. This will enable better support for now emptier breast. Attach other clip to unnursed side in the 'B' position indicating 'Before'. Now you know which breast feeds next.
Use this breastfeeding reminder clip in conjunction with our exclusive pumping band.

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